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Ah, Mr. Wolfe - How Pissed You Made Us All

August 17, 2009 

I have mixed emotions about this being our last day in this part of the country. While I am excited to see London and what she has to offer, my main objective for this trip is to be with my friends and I am already sad that our time with them has come and gone so quickly. I am definitely going to make everything I can out of this last day as I have no idea when I will be back out this way, or if I ever will be. Life is very strange that way and it is so hard to predict what the future will bring.

We are starting off the day having breakfast together – the four of us – in a great little café in Clevedon. Still excited about his English breakfasts, Cory anxiously grabbed the camera for a before and after shot. Boys can be so silly…
It’s a beautifully overcast day – an oxymoron to some – but it seems quite appropriate given my solemn mood. Danni is going to take me for a stroll around High Street and then back into Portishead where I am anxious to take more photos of this quaint and lovely little town that I could really see myself living in if I so desired. I suppose Cory and Chris will go find some boy stuff to do while we are out and about. We are going to meet up with them later, enjoy our roast with Chris’s family and then I think we are going to try a night in Bristol one more time before we leave tomorrow. Third time’s a charm??

Spending the afternoon with Danni was every bit as lovely as I thought. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s so nice to talk with her. I forget again and again that she is only 21 years old and find myself often wondering if I could’ve pulled off that level of maturity and awareness when I was that age. I’m afraid I was too busy being angry and righteous to give anyone else’s thoughts or opinions the time of day. But I find Danni actually listens to me and is interested in the things I have to say, as I am her. For me, this has been a difficult quality to find in my female to female relationships. It always seems like more of a power struggle. I have one really amazing female friend back home that fits this category but I am always on the hunt for others. Based on my belief system, I know that if I attract more people like my friend Nancy or Danni into my life, it has to mean that I am starting to lose those qualities in myself that have historically pushed away these types of connections. Either that, or people are just getting better with putting up with my shit. Ha!

Either way, we had such a nice afternoon of conversation and really getting to know things about each other that go beyond the polite chatter of two girls having a cup of tea. I really hope that we can keep this connection and will surely make an effort to stay connected with her once I get back home.

We strolled through the streets and I took tons of photos and we even ran into our friend Joe from the other night. We stopped off for cup of tea after cup of tea and later in the afternoon, even went on a walk with Chris’s dog, William, where we got just a little lost in the greenbelt (William is no good as a compass) but found ourselves out fairly quickly and then, much to my delight, came across a beautiful old church and graveyard just off the side of the road. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera during this walk, but was able to walk around and absorb a lot of energy from the graves. I found myself truly at peace. What a wonderful afternoon.

The boys started ringing which meant they were bored without us girls around so we humored them by calling an end to our little excursion and heading over to the Black Horse to meet them for more darts. This also gave Paul some time to get everything ready for our already deliciously smelling dinner that was to await us upon our return! The girls represented a little better in darts this time around and I made sure to have some photographic evidence of our new favorite hobby!

After we had a few pints and our bellies started growling noticeably, we got back on the road and headed home where we walked into the most unbelievable scene in the dining room of Chris’s house. Paul and Karen had truly outdone themselves in preparing the best meal I have had so far on vacation and probably in the top ten best meals I’ve had of all time. I was so humbled that all of this was done for us and realized that on top of my already good friends that I had made here, Paul and Karen couldn’t be dismissed for their generosity and overall giving nature as the most perfect hosts I could possibly imagine.

After dinner and with graciously full hearts and stomachs, the four of us gathered ourselves and headed back into Bristol for one last romp around the city.
 I was beyond delighted that Nick was coming out for our last night as we met him and Dan at a place called the Pitcher and Piano on the waterfront. I really wasn’t sure how late we were going to be out given our long day and massive caloric intake just an hour ago. Plus, I had finally gotten used to the fact that we weren’t on Vegas time and that we probably only had a few hours to get some drinks in anyway. Therefore, I ditched the cider and beer for the moment and let the Jager flow merrily.
After the P&P, we headed over to the Old Duke where we had had a pint the other day. However, I hadn’t realized the charm of the place when we were here as we had sat outside to enjoy our drink. Inside, I was delighted at all of the musical and theatrical history they had pinned up wall-to-wall and even on the ceiling.
Renne had joined us as well and we listened to some great live jazz and I was able to spend some good quality chatting time with Dan. I am very excited as he and Ren are going to be out in Las Vegas just a few weeks after we return. It will be very nice to have Ren in our part of town so we can show her a proper Vegas time!
As things started to wind down at the Old Duke, Nick suggested we check out a possible after hours location at a place called Mr. Wolfe’s. This could not have been a better suggestion! The place was dark, seedy, full of characters, played loud music and was a perfect fit for a crazy time! Danni and I got super silly and danced our little asses off – more jager was poured and I simply had the best night of the trip! I was even able to get away with stealing myself a kiss or two.

I think more pictures were taken that night than the whole trip alone! It was the perfect energy, the perfect group and the perfect end to our time with our friends. Tomorrow, it’s off to London where I’m sure a new kind of adventure awaits us.

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