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If You Don't Let Us In... I Will Take A $%&@! On Your Doorstep!

August 14, 2009

One of my favorite things in the entire world is getting a pedicure. The boys are taking Cory shooting today so I thought it would be a really nice day to get this done – Danni is going to go with me but then she has one or two appointments for work that she has to attend to so I will get to spend a little bit of time by myself which will be nice after last night’s fiasco.

It’s also nice to be able to re-hash what happened last night with Danni in a clearer and sober state of mind. I’m hoping she can help me gain a little perspective on things so I won’t have to be such a downer on Cory’s trip. I’m also hoping that getting a gun in his hands will perk up and maybe even loosen Cory up a little as well. Given the fact that they are a bunch of guys, I doubt anything of any kind of significance regarding last night’s events will be discussed, but I am hopeful that the outing will put Cory in a better mood for the rest of his vacation.

Today is Friday. Danni took me to a great little salon in Portishead called Tonic which was absolutely wonderful. A very sweet and polite young woman did my toes and as awful as it sounds, it’s kind of nice to be able to speak clear English with the person doing my pedicure instead of pretending to be engrossed in a book or magazine so I don’t have to try and communicate in the choppy English that is thrown at me in strip mall salons back home. Danni wasn’t feeling too well this morning and I’m hoping she’ll be better later as I definitely enjoy her company when we are out and about. She told me how impressed she was by the salon and how she might want to come back for a massage in the future. I think I just decided on a perfect gift for her upcoming birthday.

Now, I am back at Chris’s house and have the place to myself. I am sitting in the backyard, listening to the soothing sounds of the washing machine as I get caught up on a bit of laundry, drinking some of Danni’s delicious Chinese green tea and, having pampered myself all morning, am feeling just about as chill as I can possibly be.

There is an obnoxious little nagging feeling reminding and questioning me about why Aaron hasn’t emailed, but I’m doing my best not to let it take away from how I’m feeling here. Is he thinking about me at home? Is he drifting off in the middle of the day, remembering those long kisses by the car and smiling without effort? Is he counting the days in anticipation to see what the next step will look like? Or is it just me?

We are staying local tonight, which I think means Portishead. Danni and Chris want to take us to one of their favorite Italian restaurants called Antonio’s where I am looking forward to finally meeting Dan’s girlfriend, Renne. As I mentioned earlier, I am really hoping that Cory will be able to let his hair down (yeah, he’s bald… but you get the point) as he’s been so careful and on the guarded side so far and now I know that it probably has a lot to do with simply being uncomfortable with his surroundings. I’m not thrilled with this responsibility, but I know it’s up to me to be cool in order for him to relax.

Of course we hit the Black Horse first – I really think I should just move here and get a job bartending at the place – and are now sitting at Antonio’s with a nice cider buzz. We are having some good Italian food and tasty vino and have finally been introduced to Renne who is very sweet, pleasant and absolutely gorgeous. I’m anxious for what the rest of the night has to bring now that the six of us are gathered together in the same location. I understand that we are going to be doing a little pub crawl here in Portishead after dinner and am going to do my best to keep track of each location.

Once again, the night gets hazy, but I do remember that we went to a bar called the White Lion and also listened to some live music at a place called the Poacher which is definitely geared towards an older crowd – we must’ve been the youngest by far, especially with 21 year old Danni in tow – but had an enjoyable time listening to a two-man brother band do some mediocre but fun covers of some familiar tunes. Afterwards, we attempted to get back into the Plough but were denied given we were beyond last call (which reminded me why I love living in Las Vegas so much). Cory was good and belligerently drunk by the time we got there and did a lot more than let his hair down. In fact, he threatened to… how do I put it nicely… have a bowel movement on the front steps if the bartender didn’t let us in. While she wasn’t thrilled with this, the boys loved it and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of him trying to claw his way into the bar. I would definitely say he succeeded in loosening up!
After our failed attempt to get into the Plough, we went back to Chris’s house and after Cory and Danni went to sleep (or, in Cory’s case, passed out) Chris and I stayed up until almost 2:30am drinking cider and talking in his backyard. Even though we live thousands of miles away from one another, it’s so nice to have someone that I feel really connected to. I hope that he and I can stay friends like this for many years to come.

Tomorrow will be a big day – we have a few loose things planned for daytime activities and then Chris has been working very diligently on getting a large group of his friends together for a night out in Bristol. He has been talking about it since we got here and it sounds like we are in for a real treat. Bedtime now – good times tomorrow.

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