Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must We Really Discuss "Blumpkins" Over Indian Food?

August 16, 2009  

As expected, we all slept away the morning and early afternoon after last night’s activities. Everyone seems in really good spirits this morning although Chris is being a little hard on himself for everything that happened. I keep assuring him that things are just fine and Cory feels the same way. I think we are both just having such a great time that we aren’t going to let anything bother us. Besides, as I told Chris, we were bound to have moments of vulnerability throughout this week (hello! remember me a few days ago??) It’s the ultimate way for all of us to really get to know each other and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

We managed to drag ourselves out of the house as we were definitely in need of some food. Since it is Sunday, Chris and Danni took us to a lovely little restaurant called the Priory where, much to our dismay, we were too late and they were out of Sunday Roasts. However, I enjoyed some absolutely delicious Bangers and Mash so my stomach was thrilled. I must say, in telling people that I was traveling to England, I received quite a bit of negative feedback in regards to food. Most people were telling me to eat well in America while I could because the food in England is bland and boring and you can't get a decent steak anywhere. Well, it may be true about the steak, but luckily, I’m not a big meat eater anyway! On the contrary, though, I have been eating well since I got here and I think the trick is to be with locals. The only bad meal I had was that horrible pasty in Bristol the other night, but that was purposeful too – damn you, Cory!
Because we had it out last night, we decided to make tonight a nice mellow evening. After we ate, we headed over to the Black Horse where, much to Cory’s delight, we ventured into a back room where they had a real cork dartboard! Over the last few months, Cory and I have really gotten into playing darts and even have our own sets. So, with some “athletics” on the television and cider in our hands, we spent a few hours coaching Danni and Chris how to play cricket and went a few rounds with the boys against girls. While the females didn’t represent well on the scoreboard, there is no question we are the better looking team so we chalked that up for a win – ha!

After darts, we tried to decide what we wanted to do for food and went with a little Indian place not too far from the house. I will never ever forget the fact that it is right next to a veterinarian and all the jokes that resulted from this “coincidence”. It opened up the night for endless hilarity as Cory introduced Chris to all kinds of inappropriate sexual Americanisms that I have decided to politely leave out of this particular entry! Let’s just say that the four of us laughed so hard over our meal that we probably looked like lunatics to the staff. 

Tomorrow is out last full day here with Chris and Danni and I feel like I haven’t really soaked up enough of Danni’s energy so I designated a girls/boys morning so we can spend a little more time together before Cory and I head out to London the next morning. And we are going to get our roast after all as Paul and Karen will be preparing a proper style “Monday Roast” for us as our last dinner in the West Country! I’m super thrilled… and more than super exhausted! So, until tomorrow…

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