Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution #5: The Family That Weighs Together, Stays Together

I started hitting the gym regularly about eight or nine years ago. Every year, I would dread going to the gym in January because of that particular group of people that I call “The Resolutioners”. 

Losing weight always tops the statistics chart as the number one New Year’s Resolution that people make for themselves. The first two weeks of January at every gym are the worst - group exercise classes are uncomfortably packed, you have to wait to use exercise equipment and it takes four or five trips through the parking lot to find a space. 

I cursed the resolutioners. This year, I’m one of them. 

Resolution #5: Take Care of My Mind, Body and Spirit 

My family has always struggled with our weight. As they are getting older, my parents struggle with other health issues as well. Most specifically, diabetes in my Dad’s case. They are both finding that the older they get, the more difficult it is for them to stay focused and motivated on keeping their health in check. Add to that the fact that the weight doesn’t come off as easy as it used to and they have both found themselves in a position where weight loss has to be a priority. 

My brother was quite lean and active growing up. However, a few years ago, after turning 30, getting married and having a baby, he stepped on the scale and was surprised to have found that he weighed more than he ever had before. Even continuing to play sports and live a fairly active lifestyle, he finds himself not being able to eat the same foods he used to and stay thin or burn calories as quickly. He knows he needs to make a change. 

Tim loved the idea of being part of our family weight loss goals. He knew he had gained some weight in the last year and thought it wouldn’t be bad to get back in shape. Last week, he also stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and was shocked to see how much weight he had actually put on. He was immediately motivated to take whatever steps were necessary to put his weight and health under control. 

When they still lived in Washington, my parents had a lot of success losing weight through a program called Healthy Weigh. They were responsible for weighing in three times a week with coaches and other participants around. It added a different level of drive that they didn’t have before when they were trying to do it on their own. With good meal planning and an exercise regimen, they dropped over one hundred combined pounds in six months. 

I’m also a fan of that show, The Biggest Loser, because of the competitive element to it. Players are accountable to each other and are encouraged to challenge and support each other for the betterment of their teams. Together, they learn humility AND confidence, sacrifice AND reward, struggle AND success. I believe it’s a wonderful way to help people find their inner power and change their lives. 

Sooo... with all of this information, I decided to come up with something we could all do together, as a family, and really attack our goals with a clear intention. I call it... The Family Fit Club. 

We’ve been working on it the last couple of weeks. Mom, Dad and I built the materials and bought the accessories to keep things fun and exciting. We have an inspiration board, a chart for documenting weight loss, weekly challenges and photographic results. We’ve come up with a really interesting way to work together in achieving our goals, both physically and mentally. As I said before, 2012 for me is all about being healthy. Having a great body for swimsuit season is only part of this. 

While we have an entire printout of our “rules”, these are the basics: 

  • Every Saturday we meet at Mom and Dad’s to weigh in together 
  • Once a month, we take pictures to track our progress visually 
  • Each week, there is a new challenge that must be completed (exercise goal, personal achievement, personal sacrifice and a couples retreat) 
  • Weight gained or weekly challenge not completed? Monetary accountability 

Basically, I used the Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver challenge: every time one of them drops a catchable pass, they must buy a one hundred dollar gift card for the other four receivers. 

So each time one of us gains weight or doesn’t complete the weekly challenge, we must pay all other participants $5.00. My dad even built little boxes for our money. Obviously, we hope that these will remain empty throughout the entire six months that we will be doing our challenge. But having to answer financially for not completing a goal adds an extra edge that I hope will encourage us all to push a little harder as we get closer to our weigh in. 

I’m pretty excited about the whole process. I’ve gained and lost weight many times, but it would be nice to have a different mentality about the whole thing so it will become a lifelong success story and not just “another diet”. Plus, it means a lot to see my parents, brother and boyfriend healthy and happy. And we have always liked games so I have a feeling this will be a great thing for all of us. 

The first Saturday of every month is Picture Day. It's also when I will update my blog with  my progress

The  beginning of our "Inspiration Board" for positive/funny pictures, quotes, etc.

The picture on the left has our starting weight on the board - the one on the right is our goal weight.

We weight in at 9:00am every Saturday at Mom and Dad's for accuracy and accountability

Mom can't wait to fit back into her John Elway jersey
Week One's challenge is underway!

2012: The year of health. I’m definitely ready for something different and I’m very excited about all of my resolutions. 

Life is already good. I can’t wait for it to get even better. 

Happy New Year!!!


  1. What a neat idea! I love how you guys went all out with rules, game board and everything! Good luck to you all!

  2. OMG I LOVE it! I'm inspired to join on in from the Bay! You should post the weekly challenges so your adoring 'resolutioner' fans can join in on the weight loss extravaganza. ;)

  3. what a fantastic idea, as well as a great way to ensure spending time with your parents each week. I can't wait to see how far you all progress!!

  4. Awesome!!! All five of you will do great! :)