Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Update On The Beautiful People...

I’ve been going to the same Starbucks near my apartment for a few years now. I’ve become well acquainted with John, one of the baristas. When I walked in earlier this week, he greeted me with “So, what, is anorexia the cool thing now?” 

Believe it or not, we have the kind of relationship where this comment is not offensive. 

Okay, so I’m a little underweight. Well, at least in the opinion of those who see me the most frequently. Personally, I love being skinny. Loving food and beer as much as I do, I have to enjoy the super thin times when I have them because I don’t usually maintain it for that long. But, the concerned looks from people who haven’t seen me in a while or the “are you okay?” comments do get a little annoying. Geez, lose a few extra pounds and suddenly everyone thinks I’m on drugs. 

Starting picture - 145.5 pounds
I’ve taken Family Fit Club very seriously and since the first of the year, I’ve been working out, eating healthier and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. My brother is down fifty pounds since Christmas, my dad is down forty and my mom is down thirty-three pounds AND fifteen inches. My good looking family continues to get better looking every week. 

My goal was to lose eighteen pounds, putting me at 128. It was hard work losing those first fifteen pounds. But I was plugging along nicely, exercising daily, drinking a LOT less (nothing there for a while, as you know) and cooking healthy meals regularly. 

Right as I approached my goal weight, however, a few significant things happened. I got braces and Tim and I broke up. Breaking up with Tim altered my daily routine. I was no longer taking time to cook healthy meals or waking up early to work out. I was upset, out late, sleeping all day and unmotivated. And not eating nearly as much as I normally would. 

Then there was my teeth. I didn’t anticipate the effect braces would have on me. The first few days after having them put on, my teeth and gums were in so much pain, I was living off of juice and ibuprofen. Just when they started to feel better, I went back in for two extractions. If you’ve ever had to have perfectly healthy teeth yanked from your mouth, you’ll know that it can be a little traumatic. I bled all night and was in pain for a week. Once THAT pain subsided, I was already back at the dentist for my first adjustment, getting more brackets put on as well as a spreader that affects my speech because of the restrictions it has on my tongue (basically, I sound hearing impaired at times. Awesome). 

And finally, earlier this week, I was hugging my new friend, Rob (see Guy #1) and we had our first awkward moment together as one of my brackets got caught on his shirt and I had to pull it off, removing it from my tooth and pulling the top wire out of it’s brackets. I couldn’t get it fixed until the next day and had to rig it up with a bunch of wax to make it through work that evening. 

With all of these complications, it was no surprise that I weighed in at a very light 121 last Saturday morning. 

I’m trying so hard not to sound like a pussy when it comes to my braces but geez, what a pain in the ass they’ve been. I knew if I lost any more weight, my mom would start to get nervous. Plus, anything under 120 and I begin losing my T and my A which I do try to avoid. So I was very thankful on Tuesday of this week that my teeth finally stopped hurting enough to where I could actually chew on solid food comfortably. Wednesday was even better and by Thursday, I was chowing down. This morning, I weighed in at a more comfortable 123.4 pounds. 

I haven’t been able to work out since I haven’t been able to eat so I’m looking forward to getting back into a nice exercise and diet routine. After all, bikini season is coming up and I’m in the mood to look awesome this summer. 

So, other than these complications, Family Fit Club has been going really well for everyone. My brother just hit his second weight goal of 192 pounds and looks great. My mom is fitting into all kinds of clothes she wasn’t able to and Dad’s looking younger and younger every week. We are seeing all kinds of benefits outside of just the weight loss as well. For example, this past week was “Sacrifice Week” and the challenge was no caffeine. This isn’t really a big deal for me or my brother, but Mom and Dad struggled so bad that they have decided to drastically reduce their caffeine intake from now on, not realizing how much they had been consuming on a daily basis. 

This week is Date Night, where everyone is supposed to do something special with their significant other. Since I no longer have that person, my mom proposed that I do something special for myself sometime this week. So, I’ve decided to spend Wednesday loving and appreciating who I am. I am going to start with an outdoor walk in the morning followed by a little modeling session to help a friend sell a dress, an afternoon pedicure with her as well, lunch on my own with a good book and a trip to Victoria’s Secret for some new and very needed bras and panties. I bowl that night but if I can work it in, I am taking myself to a movie as well. Maybe even a chick flick just for good measure. 

This Saturday is our monthly Family Play All. It was my turn to plan it so I decided to put together a picnic and Field Day. We will be spending the day at the park, playing football, baseball, frisbee and any other fun sport we can get our hands on. Being active together has been so good for us and I love that we can be such a wonderful influence for my nephew and new little niece. 

I absolutely love the commitment the family has with our “club”. As soon as my sister-in-law gets cleared from her doctor, she plans on joining in as well. Season two of Family Fit Club starts in July where we will revamp the game a bit and set new goals. Ready to make big changes in your life? Feel free to come along! 

I know I got some questioning looks with my weight loss and perhaps dropped a little quicker than I wanted to... but I’ll tell you what - buying those size 2 skinny jeans sure made me feel like hot shit. And now that I’m back on track and finding balance in my life again, I’m ready to turn up the weights and get some lean muscle going. Summertime won’t know what hit it! 

It feels good to feel good about myself. I’m not perfect and have been through my ups and downs, over the last month for sure. But when I get through my breakdowns, I look at myself and am reminded of who I really am. 

And no, it’s not anorexic. Thanks anyway, John.


  1. You can do something special for *ME* on Wednesday!!! I'm free... ;-)

  2. Lol john may wanna start his own fit that you and the fam is getting it done for your selves and not for others, but funny and sad your X isnt gonna be able to enjoy your New, positive confidence that you have brought out of yourself and he won't enjoy the new slim and fit body that you have...much respect to you and thank you for the eye candy that you flaunt in front of me whenever I see you. ;)