Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“A Lot Of People Are Afraid Of Heights. Not Me. I'm Afraid Of Widths.” - Steven Wright

We made it. Six months of hard work and dedication. And we are just getting started. 

I’m so excited to have the chance to share the results of Family Fit Club, Season One. First and foremost, I want to thank my entire family for allowing me to post the before and after pictures of their Season One journey for all my readers to see. 

Surprisingly, I’m the only person in my family who takes no issue in sharing my junk publicly (yes, that should be read as sarcastic). But as my mom said - if someone can see the results and be inspired to make positive changes in their life, then she wants to be a part of that. 

Have I mentioned how incredible my family is? 


Susan Verde a.k.a. Mom 
Beginning Weight: 207 
Ending Weight: 159.4 
Total Pounds Lost: 47.6 
Total Percentage of weight loss: 23% 

Proudest achievement: In addition to losing the weight of a small human being, Mom also lost a total of 22 inches between her bust, waist and hips. She can walk to the moon and back with no issue and can’t imagine her life without the discipline of Family Fit Club there to constantly push her. Towards the end of the season, she even started jogging a little bit, something she hasn’t been able to do in years! 

Things got a little tough for Mom towards the end. In order to collect the money from her box, she had to meet her goal weight. With one week to go, she still had three pounds to lose. A tough week of counting calories and walking like a madwoman paid off. Tears flowed freely as she stepped on the scale last Saturday and saw her accomplishment. 
Here is the face of a VERY happy woman! She is truly an inspiration to me. 


Jon Verde Jr. a.k.a. J.J. 
Beginning Weight: 237 
Ending Weight: 190.6 
Total Pounds Lost: 46.4 
Total Percentage of weight loss: 19.6% 

Proudest Achievement: Besides the joy he got out of busting open everyone’s collection boxes to get our money? 

My brother has played baseball since the day he was able to hold a bat. On Saturday, he admitted to having thoughts about not being able to play anymore after the next year because of how difficult certain physical aspects of the game were starting to get. It wasn’t just about being sore from getting older... as a pitcher, if he had to run to cover first base after a hit, he needed a lot of extra time to get his breath back before he could throw to the next batter. He was beginning to get embarrassed by his performance. 

After dropping almost 50 pounds (pretty much his entire stomach, as you can see), he sees no end in sight for his baseball career. Knowing how much love he has for the game, hearing him share this made me fill up with joy. 


Jon Verde Sr. a.k.a. Dad 
Beginning Weight: 250 
Ending Weight: 198.4 
Total Pounds Lost: 51.6 
Total Percentage of weight loss: 20.6% 

Proudest Achievement: I’ve been talking about this for weeks already... and I’ll continue talking about it for years to come. 

When my dad first heard he had Type 2 Diabetes, he called me on the phone crying. He was overwhelmed with the idea of having to inject himself with insulin on a daily basis. He couldn’t believe he was going to have to take medication for the rest of his life. I think for the first time in his life, he was facing his own mortality. And it scared the shit out of him. 

That was back in October 2010. Six weeks ago, he stopped taking his medication completely. On Saturday morning, he took his numbers for everyone to see. He was at a very normal 128. 
When he told the ladies at the pharmacy that he had beaten diabetes, they laughed. I’m sure he just smiled... knowing he is the one that got the last laugh. 


Tina Verde a.k.a. Me 
Beginning Weight: 145.5 
Ending Weight: 125 
Total Pounds Lost: 20.5 
Total Percentage of weight loss: 14.1% 

Proudest Achievement: Sure, it’s nice to be back in a size 4. It’s great to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. It’s wonderful to hear how thin I am from my friends. However, I don’t consider any of these to be my proudest achievement. 

The people above are my proudest achievement. We all agree that one of the best things ever about this club is the fact that no matter what was going on in our daily lives - breakups, arguments, work woes, newborns, etc. - every Saturday morning, we were all in the same room, supporting each other, catching up on the week and looking at the “what’s next” in our lives. 

My dad comes from a huge family, my mom from a broken one. Ever since we were babies, it’s just been the four of us. We’ve been through more ups and downs than I think I could even recall if I needed to. While you always love your family, we haven’t always liked each other. My brother and I went years without any kind of real connection. My mom and I had safe, inauthentic conversations. My dad didn’t know anything about me and my life. 

Today, that is all different. I feel closer to my brother than ever before, my mom and I talk like we are best friends and my dad (whether he wants to or not) knows exactly who I am and how much I love him. 

Every Saturday morning, I get to look into the faces of the people that mean the most to me. And seeing my mom break into tears after meeting her goal weight, watching my dad proudly show off his drug-free numbers and listening to my brother fall in love with baseball all over again, I know what my personal achievements are. 

Season Two starts July 7th. We have additional friends and family joining and the challenges are going to be more exciting than ever. With all that we have already accomplished, I can’t imagine how much better things can get. 

But I’m certainly ready to find out.


  1. That is awesome! Your family must all feel so proud of themselves!!! Keep up the good work Verde family :)

  2. Very cool and inspiring! Good job and great idea!

  3. I am so PROUD of all of you. You ALL are very inspiring to me. I really like how this brought you all closer together, as family is a precious journey. As I read the stories, I physically shed some tears for my brother and the diabetes, and for my Sis-In-Law to be apprehensive to step on that scale for the finale. While looking at the before body type, I immediately recognized the Verde body type, as I struggle with that same body physic today. I look forward to Season 2, and being a part of it. I look forward to changing the things I am capable of changing, and a new healthy lifestyle! And of course, I, like Susan, hate pictures, especially how I look now, and just pictures in particular of myself. But....I am willing to do it, to see how my progress will chart, and how successful this program will be for me!

  4. Wow... Awesome. Nothing more needs to be said...