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Friends and Family Fit Club - Season Two Guidelines

I started a Facebook page for the Friends and Family Fit Club I created. For easy access, I am using my blog to outline the rules/guidelines created for the game. Please visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FriendsAndFamilyFitClub to "like" and become part of the movement! 

Friends and Family Fit Club - Season Two 

Jon Verde Sr (GREEN) 
Susan Verde (TURQUOISE) 
Jon Verde Jr (YELLOW) 
Tina Verde (PURPLE) 
Erin Verde (PINK) 
Kyle Grover (ORANGE) 
Lisa Grover (CRIMSON) 
Lori Leonard (BROWN) 

First Meeting/Weigh In: Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at 9:00am 

At this first meeting, we will take our before photos as well as set our weight goals. The idea is to be aggressive, but also realistic. It’s not a race to get as skinny as possible - it is about training your body to take off the weight in a way that is safe, healthy and long lasting. 

We meet every Saturday at 9:00am. If you are unable to make the meeting, you must arrange to call in your weight between Friday at 9:00am and Saturday at 5:00pm. Please try and limit any missed meetings to prior engagements, out of town limitations or anything else that can’t be avoided. What makes FFC a success is the support and accountability you get from your team members at the weekly weigh-in. This is not just a commitment to your team members, it’s a commitment to your health! 

For out-of-towners: You will need to purchase a scale that you will use every Saturday to report your weight. For consistency purposes, you will need a scale that weighs in .2 increments. (i.e. 140.2, 140.4, 140.6, etc.) 

Picture Days 

Picture Day is the first Saturday of every month. Try to wear the same clothing so results can be seen more clearly. Ideally, try to wear the same clothing every Saturday anyway so that your weight can be the most accurate. If you are participating from outside Vegas, it will be your responsibility to take and email your photo to Jon Verde Sr no later than 5:00pm on Picture Day. 

The Wheel of Challenges 

Part of living a healthy life is making positive changes in many different aspects of it. This is why the weekly challenges are so important. The weekly challenge schedule will be as follows: 

Week One: Exercise Challenge 

The wheel will have a variety of exercise challenges that each team member will have submitted before July 7th. Some examples would be: 8 hours of exercise each week, 10 miles of running or walking, working out with a partner at least three times that week, etc. It is very important that an exercise log is kept during this week to be shared with the team members the following Saturday for accountability. Much of this is based on the honor system since we will all be working out on our own time. As you can imagine, lying to yourself and others will be directly reflected when you step on that scale! 

Week Two: Group Activity / Personal Achievement 

Two things happen during week two... 

First, come to the meeting with an idea of something you want to get accomplished during that week. Ideally, this is something that you’ve been putting off or a goal that you would like to achieve. Some ideas would be: household chores you’ve been procrastinating on (carpet cleaning, painting a bedroom, refinishing a piece of furniture), something you want to accomplish for work or your career (saving a certain amount of money, finishing a major project, making a positive change in your job), a special goal that would make you feel good to complete (volunteering at a local charity, learning a new song on the guitar, taking a class) or even something more personal (writing a letter to a family member, having a father/daughter day, going to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while). 

The idea is that whatever you choose should be a challenge to you. Expect a discussion if your team members don’t think you are pushing yourself enough. Remember, we are there to support each other AND hold each other accountable! Ideally, you would want to set at least two goals for yourself during this week and accomplishing them would mean getting out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to discuss your achievements the following Saturday and have pictures of a completed project if applicable. 

You cannot choose the same personal achievement twice in one season. 

Secondly, the wheel is spun and will land on a color. If your color is chosen, you are responsible for setting up the group activity for the month. You have until the following Saturday to research things to do and set a date for when the activity is going to take place. You must coordinate with all other team members and have everything arranged. Then, you have one full month to carry out the special group event. 

If you are out of town, you still participate! Obviously, we can’t get together physically, but whatever you plan with your own friends and family must be on the same day and be the same general activity for everyone else. For example, if your name gets drawn and you want to plan a day at the museum, anyone who is out of town must also visit a museum that day. If you plan a barbecue one afternoon, the other team members must have a barbecue as well. If you plan a hike, everyone hikes. Obviously, this is why it is important to spend the week getting everyone on board with your idea. Once you have everyone’s commitment, anyone who does not complete the challenge will be responsible financially. This is an exercise in compromise, communication and, ultimately, creating time for everyone to spend with their friends and family. 

Week Three: Sacrifice 

Can you give up something for one week? This is what Sacrifice Week is all about. We will spin the wheel to find out what we are being asked to give up for seven days. The choices on there will be what the team members have submitted as some of their hardest things to give up but have an affect on their diet and/or overall health. Some examples would be alcohol, caffeine, fast food, red meat, etc. Keep in mind that some of these are not necessarily sacrifices to you. But... your week will come! This is the time to really be supportive of those who are struggling and to do what you can to help them through a week that could be very difficult for them. 

Can’t make it a whole week? No need to be hard on yourself. Just be ready to pay up! Once a sacrifice is chosen, it will not be able to get chosen again. 

Week Four: Date Night 

Everyone has that special someone in their life. If you are single, that special someone is yourself! Date Night week is the time when you must plan something different and special with the person that means the most to you. It needs to be something that you haven’t done before or a new twist on something you’ve been doing for years. Whatever you decide on, it should be a new experience one way or another. The date must be planned and executed in one week and shared with all other team members at the following weigh in. 

Once again, if your other team members don’t think what you did was unique or different enough, be prepared to discuss. To avoid having to pay, get creative! Life is full of fun activities to do for yourself or the one you love. It’s up to you to make it happen! 

Financial Accountability 

We all work very hard for our money and it’s not always easy to come by. That is why the financial aspect of FFC is so important. You should want to accomplish your goals before wanting to hand over your money! 

With more members this time around, the goal is not to break anyone’s bank. Therefore, we will utilize the wheel for financial accountability. The wheel will have the numbers one through five to spin through. If you are responsible for paying due to gaining weight or not meeting a weekly challenge, you will spin the wheel to see what you owe each person. You will have until Sunday at 5:00pm to pay your dollar amount in each box. The minimum amount will be $1.00 per person, the maximum will be $5.00 per person. 

Remember, however, that if you gain weight AND don’t complete your challenge, you will spin the wheel for financial accountability twice! 

Fine Print 

If you weigh the same exact weight two weeks in a row, you do not pay. However, by the third week, if you still haven’t lost anything, you must spin the wheel to pay. This doesn’t apply if you are in the maintenance stage. 

FFC is treated as a democracy. Therefore, we vote when something is in question. If you feel that someone else’s challenge hasn’t been met, you can call for a majority vote. Whatever majority says, goes. You may challenge and make an argument, but in the end, majority vote rules. If you still refuse to pay after majority votes, you can no longer participate in FFC. 

If you do not meet your goal weight by the end of Season Two or if you quit FFC before the end of Season Two, you will forfeit all money in your box and it will be divided evenly between those who have met their goal weights and participated in FFC until the end. 

Current proposed end date: Saturday, January 12th, 2013. Final weigh in, pictures and Season Two celebratory party to take place on this day. 

All rules above are to be shared and agreed upon before FFC starts on July 7th, 2012. 

Have fun and start losing!!

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