Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Forget Honey Boo Boo... Here Come The Las Vegas Ladybugs!


There are a few things I’m not very good at. Planning events and raising money. This is probably why my pursuit of becoming an Event Planner didn’t go very well. 

I used to think that I couldn’t succeed at either because I was terrible at establishing and maintaining good relationships with people. While there might be a little truth to this, the very good friends I do have along with my wonderful family prove that this is not completely accurate. 

No, my problem is with my own insecurities. I’m hesitant to take other people’s time and money. I’m self conscious that they won’t want to show up to an event I planned and so, quite often, they don’t. 

I also hate asking people for money. I know I work hard for my money and am very careful about the causes in which I give that hard earned dollar to. A co-worker was collecting money for a cause that I thought was kind of silly so I didn’t give her anything. I was quickly shunned by her at work and unfriended by her on Facebook. I should probably remember that what is important to some can be bigger than it appears to others. 

Which brings me to this blog. 

My friend, Erin, asked me to be a part of her team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I have participated in this with her before, but last time, my involvement included driving to Fashion Show Mall, parking and simply doing the walk with her. 

This time, she has set a very lofty fundraising goal of $1,500 and has asked her teammates to help her raise the money. I immediately thought to myself “Ugh, fundraising... here we go.” 

However, as I put together my fundraising page this week and finished the team logo (above), I really began to feel how much I care about this particular cause. 

I met Erin’s mother a few years ago. She had recently been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s and even in the short lunch we shared together, I could already see the affects that the disease started to have. When she died just a few short years later, I couldn’t help but think of my own parents and how lucky I was to still have them with me. 

Erin and her family have handled their loss so much better than I think I ever could. I think it shows just how strong they are as humans and how much they focus on the good memories and the love they shared with each other. And, as a way to honor their mother each year, they make a commitment to raise money and do the walk for Alzheimer’s. 

I am really hoping to be a strong contributor for them this year. Not just because I find the cause to be worthy and important, but because both Dan and Erin have been such great friends to me and I want to do anything I can do be there for them. 

And so, I ask humbly if my most avid readers would please take a moment to visit my fundraising page and drop me a few dollars. My own personal goal is $250. With over 100 regular readers and over 200 Facebook friends, I’m hoping that this goal is not only attainable, but easy to reach. 

Additionally, Erin has come up with a very cool raffle idea for those that donate online throughout the month of September. To read more about this, please check out her blog. 

For those of you who don’t like to put information online, or simply want to just give me cash, I’m happy to take it and make the donation in your name, still making you eligible for the raffle. 

The walk takes place on October 27th at Fashion Show Mall here in Las Vegas. With our fun logo and some cute costume ideas, the Las Vegas Ladybugs are looking to walk proudly, having met our goal and being that much closer to saving future families from having to deal with the loss of a loved one to this terrible disease. 

I ask you with my whole heart to please help us with this cause. And if I see you in person, please expect that I’ll ask again. Because for this particular event, I’m going to put the cause in front of my ego. 

And don’t worry... if you say no, you can still be my Facebook friend.

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  1. I LOVE our team logo and I'm so happy that you are part of our team. Thank you for this beautiful fundraising blog. The Las Vegas Ladybugs are going to rock this year!