Monday, July 22, 2013

I Need A Hero....

If you know even a little bit about me, you know that I’m a sports fan. I was born in Denver and the NFL has always been a part of who I am. It’s how my family could reconnect at the times in our lives when we seemed to have nothing else in common. To this day, it’s a constant topic of conversation no matter what else life is throwing at us. 

I love the NFL and football in general. It’s my first love. But close behind is basically every other sport there is. Over the last five or six years in particular, I’ve found tremendous interest in golf, soccer, tennis, basketball and do my best to enjoy baseball as much as I can. 

I think one of the main reasons I love sports so much - especially as of late - is because there really haven’t been a lot of political heroes in my lifetime. I didn’t have an Abraham Lincoln or JFK. Not since Clinton have I had a political leader to admire. I was excited about Obama... and then almost immediately disappointed. Our political figures are supposed to be the ones taking us into a better and brighter future. They are supposed to be our vigilantes. They are failing. 

So I turned to sports where I can have heroes and strong men and women to look up to. As with all heroes, it’s hard to watch them fall. To realize that they aren’t indestructible. And then to have to find someone new to admire and hope they pass their next drug test or find a way to NOT beat their spouse.  

Clearly I’m a Broncos fan. Fanatic, kinda... and waking up to my ESPN Scorecenter app telling me that Von Miller, our strongest defensive player with 30 sacks in his first two years, was potentially facing a four game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy did not start my Monday off with a smile. 

I turned on ESPN, hoping for more details and wondering which would be worse - getting caught for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) or getting busted with weed or something. I knew he had some party drug problems back in his rookie year (2011) and, crazy as it sounds, I was kinda hoping that was what it was again. 

But before I could get too wrapped up in that story, The Ryan Braun story breaks. If you aren’t familiar, the quick version is that Braun, star outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, took a Lance Armstrong approach when he was accused of using PEDs in 2012. He insisted that the sample was mishandled. He even made the public question the integrity of the person who handled it. I believed him. A lot of public figures took his side. He spoke of the truth setting him free and all that crap. And he lied. 

Last, but not least, the Ohio State Buckeyes (football, to be specific) are facing a mess with some players who got caught in a bar fight over the weekend. One of them allegedly assaulted a female. These guys are on the ladder to BECOME heroes and they can’t keep their shit straight. 

I don’t know... I’m really not trying to be judgmental. Believe me, I don’t like to give up my vices. My mom and I recently started a little Mom/Daughter Fit Team to lose some weight and get back in shape (I thought maybe I’d like to try and catch one of them handsome, hard-working, responsible fellas one of these days and it seemed a good place to start). In order to do this, I also need to ditch some of the things that I really like to do which are smoke, drink excessively and eat deliciously fattening foods. These aren’t easy things to give up. I struggle daily. Sometimes hourly. 

But I look at these sports heroes and can’t help but think, if getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to do what you are good at and, usually, what you love, isn’t enough to convince you to have your shit together than geez, I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when I want a beer. 

But it is sad. Because heroes are so hard to come by these days. 

I’m not sure it will keep my from buying his jersey, but I will definitely hold it against Miller if we have to face Baltimore without him. Fingers crossed... 

Oh, and Michael Vick came into my restaurant today. His bill was $86.00. He stiffed the waitress. So, not that his image needs to be tarnished any further... but fuck that guy.


  1. So Von Miller did do steroids. Seems like you're glossing over that a little bit. Fuck that guy, he deserves a four-game suspension.

    1. I'm unaware of any steroid usage. I mentioned what I knew about which were amphetamines and marijuana. If steroids come out too, then yeah, fuck that guy. I don't do much glossing, just speaking about what I know so far.